World Declaration of Interdependence (WDI)

  23 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: All the People, Governments and Organizational Entities of the World

Petitioner: Jay started on July 5, 2010

World Declaration of Interdependence (WDI)

World Declaration of Interdependence Values

We the undersigned, support the following values laid out in the World Declaration for Interdependence (WDI).

Interdependence of all the people of the world, all national governments, all organizational entities, all cultures, and all ecosystems and natural resource coalitions.

Individual Rights
Rights to all people of the world to directly participate in global decision making and directly bypass their national governments and directly work with people within all countries of the word.

Organizational Rights
Rights to organizational entities, businesses and corporations to participate in global decision making.

Cultural Rights
Rights for all cultures to represent themselves globally and participate in global decision making.

Ecosystem Rights
Rights to natural resource coalitions that represent the most unbiased and scientific view point of the natural resources and biological ecosystems of our planet.

Stable & Secure Economy
Re-create the global economy based on local stability and security and based on wellness and health for organizations and people alike, and make growth and profit secondary.

Support Thriving Ecosystems
Evolve and transform the human economy to function as a subsidiary of the natural economy and become balanced and in harmony with the ecosystems of the earth.

Organizational Safety Nets
Unprecedented problems of global concern call for a fundamental transformation of our production processes and industries. This discussion cannot even be started until we establish a comprehensive safety net for all organizational entities and people affected by unforeseen reductions in natural resource allocation; we must support these industries and organizational entities to be re-vitalized into new industries that are in balance and harmony to keep our economies stable and people employed.

Peace through Education
Support the people of the world to take education into their own hands, only people working interdependently can take this monumental task of educating the world population to see it become a reality.

Cultural Diversity
Create a safety net for cultural security with documentation, translation, and other cultural necessities to increase education and expand cultural diversity and continuity especially with the dying languages.

Utilization of Technology for Global Decision-Making
Technology now allows us all to directly communicate and make decision between people representing their local communities, cultures and business. Only through direct representation can many of the worlds problems be solved because national governments have biased interests, and many UN countries do not directly represent the majority of their people. We see ensuring direct representation of all the people of the world as the only viable option to secure our fate and reach the highest goals of humanity. National governments do not have the right to directly negotiate with people in other countries, only the people within a country have the right to directly negotiate with people of other countries.

Using Natural Boundaries to Assist Communication
In addition to national boundaries, using natural unbiased boundaries will assist communication between people from local communities across the world.

We agree with the fundamental message of global rights for all citizens with interdependent rights with all national governments, organizations and business entities. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.