We want pedestrian (zebra) crossings in Guildford, W. Australia

  4 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: Public good

Petitioner: Simon started on June 30, 2010

Due to growing numbers of vehicles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cross Guildford's streets.

Some such locations are:
James Street (opposite the station)
East Street (near the Woodbridge Hotel)
Great Eastern Highway (near the Guildford Primary School)

The ability of pedestrians (whether residing in Guildford or otherwise) to cross roads, to visit shops, access the train station, get to school, or just for exercise is compromised daily by growing vehicle numbers and a local council that seems afraid to act.

Suprisingly, many of these crossing points are publicly promoted as part of itineraries for visiting tourists on one of the town's Heritage Walking Trails. Unfortunately there is just no infrastructure to cross at these points.

It makes sense on environmental, health and safety grounds.

Lets get some zebra crossings across these streets.