Washington Twp Residents UNITED Against Density Increase

  79 (Goal: 500)

Petitioning: Citizens, Stakeholders, Property Owners, Tax Payers & Voters of our community

Petitioner: Carrie Crow started on November 14, 2013

We the citizens, property owners, stakeholders and voters of Washington Township now come to our elected, appointed and employed officials, UNITED in our voice concerning the matter of zoning and density in our municipality. Specifically, it is our desire that our current code allowing for no more than 5.4 dwelling units per acre remain unchanged.

The architects of our Codes and Land Development Ordinance were precise when enacting the code which purpose statement includes:

“…to help protect and promote the safety, health and general welfare of the citizens…to guide and protect future growth….”among other things…..”maintain scenic view shed and RURAL CHARACTER protection” and to "minimize such problems as may presently exist or which may be foreseen.”

We therefore, submit to you in SOLIDARITY another platform to support this recommendation. We respectfully request that you perform your duty as our elected officials to act as a representative of our voices as well as uphold the ordinances of our Township and MAINTAIN OUR CURRENT DENSITY STANDARDS.