Violating the U.S. Lobbying Disclosure Act, HLOGA et al.

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Petitioning: Both Houses of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of Justice

Petitioner: Robert, Jr. started on July 26, 2011

Ever since two of my former clients (i.e., principally Ms./Mrs. Linda Kendall (K.) Sharp supposedly of Huntington Station of the Suffolk County/Long Island region of New York and Brooklyn, New York and her respective et al. fellow cohorts, “associates” et al. and secondarily Mrs. Joan Aikman (A.) Schrammar-McCarthy of Staten Island, New York and her respective et al. fellow cohorts, “associates” et al.) refused to remit my firm for services rendered (since the middle of October 2009) and resultantly and probably illegally kept all my then-remaining computer equipment, including my then-severely-disabled laptop (i.e., an unrestricted Hewlett-Packard (HP) laptop) and an older-and-still-useable, unrestricted IBM desktop. Making matters worse for my firm and me, various major and minor public and private libraries and many for-profit computer et al. stores have “upgraded” their respective public computers to as their patrons and customers are unable to, among various other means, download the required U.S. Congressionally-authored Lobbying Disclosure Act-required and Honest Leadership and Open Government Act-required software so the respective registered et al. lobbyist and staff can upload, thus preventing those respective lobbyists from submitting their reports and other filings if their private and/or firm’s computers are unavailable to them. In my firm’s particular instance, the last straw occurred earlier within the fourth calendar quarter of November 2010 when we discovered the Harborfields Public Library (U.S. EIN (i.e., U.S. federal Employer Identification Number) 11-2218112) restricted practically all downloads possible from the respective Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Legislative Resource Center filing webpage/website and resultantly preventing any and all uploads from same webpage/website. (Said library followed and is following the “lead” of practically each and every major and minor library et al. (including the Queens Borough Public Library (U.S. EIN 11-1904262), Brooklyn Public Library (U.S. EIN 11-1904261), South Huntington (N.Y.) Public Library and New York Public Library) and such major et al. for-profits as Staples Inc. (U.S. EIN 04-2896127) and the FedEx Corporation (U.S. EIN 62-1721435)) who apparently received and receive publicly-unspecified “grants” or/and “loans” to use publicly-unspecified software that ostensibly upgrade various programs et al. but actually do the opposite at times and creates the aforementioned restrictions.)
On behalf of my firm and as a pro bono, registered lobbyist, I am not making any excuses for not filing the required reports et al. as per federal law, rules, regulations et al. I now am, however, belatedly (to say the least) asking for your much-needed and immediate help in acquiring an unrestricted laptop (preferably the most-versatile HP laptop models, our firm’s now-lost/stolen main in-house computer), if not outright immediate, permanent, on-the-record, expedited lifting of the aforementioned download and upload restrictions as my firm and I currently are destitute and unable to legally purchase let alone even rent a legally-acquired laptop and continue our filings. My firm and I want to continue making and submitting all our missing and unaccounted-for filings literally as soon as possible as we are interacting with various governmental et al. officials et al. increasingly and exponentially even more so now since our early-calendar-year-2009-time-stamped-and-dated filings and want our interactions (at least from our end) to metaphorically et al. see the light of day also literally as soon as possible via the tried-and-true public record.
Please help us here, Madam Secretary of the United States Senate Erickson, Superintendent McCallum, Madam Clerk Haas, United States Attorney Machen, Jr., et al. From all of us at Process Handler et al. For Hire, Inc., thank you.