Do Not Allow Turky To Enter E.U!

  16 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: E.U. Commission

Petitioner: Ilyushin Burgos started on March 6, 2009

Turkey is expected to enter E.U in 2013.

To all European, do you think it is appropriate to allow Turkey to be part of EU's members? NO!

If Turkey enters EU, it will be the first Islamic EU member. I am not saying Islamic is not good, but most of the terrorists come from the Islamic countries who are trying to bomb everywhere. If Turkey joins EU successfully, the terrorists will have easy access to all EU countries and create horrible plans!

The nation has many issues to be dealt with, for example the internal security issue, the poor political issue with Greece and conflict with Cyprus.

Please, if you are an European, support this petition. Thank you!