Stop Unecessary Voilation Of Traffic Laws

  19 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: Chicago IL Politicians & Lawmakers

Petitioner: Jules Farnham started on February 8, 2009

The residents in Chicago have had enough of unnecessary traffic law violation as it becomes a financial burden to every family.

We also urge to change the violations:

Parking violation code #09-40-080 Parked/Standing Unattended Engine Running fee is $75.00
Reason - Many vehicles need to be warm up before we can start the engine and drive in the road. While waiting for the heating to start up in the cold weather some times it takes longer. If there are people in the car, we don't think this should be a violation.

2. Photo Enforced Red Light violations.
Reason - The traffic lights causing slow traffic jam. There should be a counter for the red and green lights limit in 60 seconds so that the traffic will be smooth and nobody would want to violate the red light.

The fines are so expensive yet the residents still have to pay for these unnecessary violations.