A Rescue Mission For The Tigers

  225 (Goal: 2,000)

Petitioning: Hunters PLEASE Stop!

Petitioner: Eduardo B de Almeida started on March 17, 2009

Big Cat Rescue is saving tigers and is looking for your support too!

The wild big cats are in need of our help to stop the killing and selling of these exotic cats in order to prevent the extinction. Every year there are more and more tigers disappear mysteriously in Sariska, India.

There were killing of 719 tigers and 2,474 leopards illegally within 10 years (1994 to 2004). In 2008, sadly, 39 leopard skins, two tiger skins, 42 otter skins, 60 kg of tiger and leopard paws, three kg of tiger claws, 14 tiger canines, 10 tiger jaws and other bones, and about 135 kg of porcupine quills were seized by the Delhi police.

Please support us, Wildlife Protection Society of India. Our executive director is Belinda Wright.

Stop the killing, and protect the tigers.