Support For Students on Non-Adventist College and University Campuses

  142 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: Seventh-day Adventist Church Leaders

Petitioner: Ron Pickell started on June 7, 2011

Support For Students on Non-Adventist College and University Campuses

The vast majority of Seventh-day Adventist students attend non-Adventist colleges and universities. Estimates range between 70 - 80 %. Approximately 19 million students are enrolled every year in the 4,300 campuses across the North American Division. Adventist Christian Fellowship North American Division (ACF/NAD) was organized in 2005 as a coordinated effort to Build Christian fellowship chapters on college and university campuses, Engage students in the mission of the Church, and Empower local ACF chapters, churches and sponsors through pastoral support, professional training and access to resources.

Currently there are approximately 100 ACF type campus groups networked through Face Book and the ACF website across the NAD with local churches, conferences and unions endeavoring to connect and support students and campus outreach efforts. ACF is overseen through a volunteer ministry position under the NAD Youth and Young Adult Department and through the ACF Committee. We, the undersigned, believe the time has come for a much more coordinated effort for a vast mission field on secular college and university campuses throughout the NAD. Enhanced ministry support will:

‣ Instruct local churches about ministering to students and campuses nearby.
‣ Involve students in campus mission.
‣ Nurture the faith of Adventist students on non-Adventist campuses.
‣ Maintain a church connection with these students.

We believe it is long past time to move forward with a full salaried position and budget to help oversee this vast mission field.