SUPERSONIC ads must be deleted

  10 (Goal: 50,000)

Petitioning: If enough people sign this Will give it to WGT to get rid of Supersonic ads

Petitioner: Steve Lunney started on January 1, 2013

We all have had enough with Supersonic, its about time they were deleted from WGT website offerings, they just donot know what customer service means,

There must be offer similar websites that offer alot better Customer service.

Its been 1.5 months and still waiting for credits, I have 5 programs that I do not want any more on my computer.

I clicked on Mega Flix ad, signed up using a credit card, now can not get back tot he SAME website, every time i click on their ad, it takes me to a different website, each time they have a different name..

Social Dieters though why not, clicked signed up with CC now signed up for some stupid dating website.

this is FALSE advertising. and pretty sure credit card THEFT.