Students Deserve the Right to Choose Where to Live

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Petitioning: Students and community members of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Petitioner: James Properties started on April 2, 2012

Students Deserve the Right to Choose Where to Live

New campus regulations require incoming freshmen students to sign a contract to live on campus for two years; forcing them to pay thousands more per year to live in Edinboro University and Foundation owned housing.

Although Edinboro is a public university, these stipulations were not discussed in any public forum locally or through the state legislative process. The University’s policy is impacting families and students on a tight budget and reduces the tax base for the community.

The University and the University Foundation, a separate non-profit organization, do not pay taxes to the Borough of Edinboro, Erie County or the General McLane School District. The following people would like Edinboro University to reconsider its new policy to mitigate the damaging impact to the local housing market and to student budgets.