Stop the random price increases at AT&T

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Petitioning: All AT&T customers and AT&T

Petitioner: Dawn started on April 9, 2012

AT&T DSL just raised my bill by $2.00 per month. The only reason that was given was it was a price increase. When I signed up for this service I was not informed that there would be price increases whenever they wanted one. I called the month I noticed there was a increase and was told that they would take it off my bill and all future bills as I have been with AT&T for over 10years. When I noticed it was on my bill this month plus a $2.00 late charge for last month I called and was told that there were no notes in my account for the previouse month and that it showed it had been opened but must have been by there off shore customer service. A supervisor for AT&T informed me that she could only give promotional packages to new customers that since I was an existing customer I would have to pay the $2:00. When Bank of America and Netflix tried this they were stopped. Let's stop AT&T