Stop Playing Illegitimate Online Games

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Petitioning: Online Gamers

Petitioner: JacobHall started on November 20, 2018

The Task:

To address the risks of Online games which are available from the non-reputed websites.

The Issue:

As many of the players love to play games on online, some of the non-reputed websites have developed many games to attract the players around the world to get benefited by some wrong ways. All these games will create lots of issues to players and will leave them in a risk. There are many risks involved in such online games. While many players will rarely get to know about the threats and risks from the online games.

The Solution:

The number of players who plays the online games are increasing day by day. Internet is filled with numerous number of games, many of the games available on the internet are not really safe to play. Some games look like a normal game but actually they are the games which causes lot of problem to the players. The games which are introduced by the non-reputable sites will leave the player in a risk. Some of the dangerous risks associated with such games are privacy issues, hidden fees, malwares, webcam worries and many more. The player will get stuck in the problems.

To keep the gaming safe always make sure to check the age ratings, turn on the privacy policy, make use of firewalls which provide you the information about the spam sites, be careful while purchasing the games, always review before downloading the game.

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