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Petitioning: schools, government

Petitioner: Hewro... started on April 8, 2011

Now, kids in the U.S. are getting to be fatter and less active. Part of the cause of that is schools are cutting athletics, and aren't getting new supplies for sports. Also, many schools can't afford quality equipment. Last, most schools can only afford having about 5 sports (Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling).
What I was thinking is we could get more funding to add a few more teams, because a lot of people get turned away from sports because there are none that they really like. Here are some low budget sports that could be good additions to schools.
-Soccer- All you need are soccer balls and nets. The students could buy their cleets and shin gaurds. Also, the school would buy uniforms. (So total cost, about at most 200$)
-Lacrosse- Again, like soccer, they need nets, uniforms and balls, but student could buy the sticks.
-Baseball/Softball- All the school would need is a baseball dimond which is really easy to make, bats and balls. Also, the students could buy mitts and helmets for themselves (most who would be interested would have them).
-Dance- For dance all you need is an instructor and a gym. (yeah, that simple, yet most schools don't have it)