Stop Betta fish abuse!!

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Petitioning: Those who display and sell Betta fish in abusive conditions.

Petitioner: Marvin J. Utterback started on August 2, 2012

Stop the sale and abuse of Betta Fish!!!!

If a dog or cat was kept in a tiny cage for weeks, a cage that was never once cleaned and not nearly big enough, the owner would be charged with animal abuse. Sadly the same thing is happening to the Betta Fish put up for sale at your local Big "blue" box store . Bettas are beautiful fish, but like any other animal on earth, they need to be properly taken care of. I've seen Big "blue" box store Bettas with fin rot, fungus and even dropsy. They are left in plastic cups for weeks or months without ever having their water changed. Some can't handle the small space and begin biting their fins until there is nothing left. Most of them die from the horrid conditions they are forced to live in. Their water is so yellow and murky at times that it is hard to see them at all. This has to stop. Walmart isn't going to improve the condition of these fish, so i am publicly asking This store to stop selling them all together. They can't possibly be making enough money off these beautiful fish when customers are too disgusted and appalled by the water and filth to realize there is a creature inside that deserves a good home. Help me stop the sale of Betta Fish, and end their neglect and abuse inside these big box stores. This compelling video emphasizing the horrendous conditions these beautiful fish face every single day. v=MSSRMqmPbAA

Please speak for these beautiful fish who can't speak for them self.