Search and Rescue Enhancement in Labrador

  2,470 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Canadian House of Parliament Assembled & the Newfoundland and Labrador Gov.

Petitioner: JHunt started on February 17, 2012

Search and Rescue Enhancement in Labrador

As recent search and rescue inadequacies have been revealed in services provided to Labrador, and does not provide for the safety of the local residents; we affirm that life saving services should not discriminate based upon location of Canadian citizens, and their place of residence.

We call upon the Canadian and Newfoundland and Labrador Governments to:

• Provide Labrador with full time Search and Rescue services from within Labrador, making Goose Bay a primary base
• Establish the service office to reflect “In Memory of Burton Winters”
• Have the facility fully staffed and operational with appropriate and up to date equipment and resources
•Recognize the aboriginal peoples as having unique challenges on the land, and that they be supported with services that supports the preservation of their health, safety, and life, in a more timely and efficient manner

We, the undersigned, urge the Government of Canada and the Newfoundland and Labrador Government to work together to provide those services within a 3 month period and for those services to remain in Labrador for as long as we have communities bordering the Atlantic Ocean

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