Good Nutrition In School Lunch Nowadays?

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Petitioning: Schools

Petitioner: Alisa Gosse started on February 11, 2009

Seriously, when I ask my daughters what they eat in school, the answers always shocked me.

The school kids are given some biscuits, juices and some fat meats and breads. Biscuits are not nutritious at all, it contains margarine which is called vegetable oil and that is chemical. Juices, there are lots of sugar inside and it's very bad for the health. Fat meats, the main cause for the teen obesity! I am quite taken a back by what the school kids eat in the school today.

That's not healthy at all.

I want to bring food to my daughter ins chool but it is not allowed.

Please, I need your help to tell the school, all of the schools in the U.S. to look into the food they provide for the kids.

Although education is very important but I believe without a good health nobody can learn anything.

Please sign and pass this on to as many people as you can.

Thank you.