Restore funding to the Center for Economic Progress

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Petitioning: Mayor's Office of Budget and Management

Petitioner: Economic Progress started on October 18, 2011

The Center for Economic Progress has learned that the City of Chicago has proposed cutting its support of CEP from $450,000 to as little as $250,000 due to reductions in funding by the Office of Budget and Management. This possible 45% cut will dramatically impact CEPís ability to help low-income working families throughout Chicago achieve financial self-sufficiency and contribute to the vitality of the City of Chicago.

While we certainly understand the enormous financial pressure the City is under and the tough choices that need to be made to keep the City financially viable, reducing funding to CEP will actually have the opposite effect. Without support from the Mayor and the Office of Budget and Management, CEP will have to eliminate or drastically cut back services in 2012, putting thousands of city residents at financial risk. The proposed cut in funding will mean closing two neighborhood sites and reducing services at all sites. As a result, CEP anticipates that a minimum of 5,400 Chicago residents will not be served and $10.8 million of refunds will be at risk.

We the undersigned call on the City of Chicago to restore funding to the Center for Economic Progress, to ensure that CEP continues to provide free, year-round tax and financial services to low-income working families.