Remove Grant Humes From Durham By-Election

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Petitioning: The Honorable Bob Rae- Leader- Liberal Party Of Canada

Petitioner: JTerry started on November 15, 2012

Dear Mr.Rae,

We the undersigned are petitioning you for the removal of Grant Humes as your candidate in the by-election currently underway in the riding of Durham.

I am sure you are quite aware of Mr.Humes and his campaign's move to use the image of a veteran on his signs. These "Support Our Veterans" signs are misleading and imply aid for our veterans. When in fact the money is being funneled into Mr.Humes's campaign to run in this by-election. This is misleading and borders on fraud.

The fact that he would think that using our vets for monetary and political gain is disgusting.

He is running a page that is endorsed by his campaign but is asking for funds for a supposed "other campaign" That is for Elections Canada to deal with as a complaint has been lodged with them as well.

So we ask that you do the right thing Mr.Rae. Remove Mr.Humes as your candidate and show the people of Durham that the Liberal Party does not condone these actions. Show the people of Durham that our war vets are not for sale and not pawns for political gain.