Remove Artificial Sweeteners from Infant and Children products and Gum and Mints

  4,081 (Goal: 4,081)

Petitioning: To remove artificial sweeteners from all items

Petitioner: Mich B started on January 12, 2017

Artificial sweeteners are not healthy, they cause migraines and other ailments.

Gum, mints, cold medicines, children and infant products are now containing artificial sweeteners. These products are not healthy and should not be forced upon us.

We cannot chew gum or eat mints anymore due to these products. Even had to return cold medication as it had artificial sweetener in it.

We understand the weight thing with sugar, but that should be our choice, not the companies that make these products.

And if they insist on continuing to add the artificial sweeteners then it should be stated in BOLD warning that the product has it in there.

These products are not safe and should no longer be added to products, especially to infant and children products.