Reinstate LAmoreaux Volleyball Program for Fall 2010

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Petitioning: To Councillor Mike Del Grande AND Parks & Recreation Dept of Toronto

Petitioner: Karen Lai started on September 26, 2010

Reinstate LAmoreaux Volleyball Program for Fall 2010


Carol McDonald, Special Assistant to Councillor Mike Del Grande
emailed me today to relay a message from Parks & Rec staff that our Winter Session for L'Am is ACTIVE even though it is not on their website currently.

I repeat, both WINTER Sessions for L'Am is ACTIVE.

Starts Jan.13th for 9 wks.

Program Code 1700865 for 7-9pm
Program Code 1700864 for 9-11pm



PROGRAM Re-Instated for TIME CHANGE >>>>> 8-10pm Session


I got an email from Carol McDonald, Special Assistant to Councillor Mike Del Grande this morning:

Program Coordinator at L'Am has decided to reinstate 1 of the 2 programs and changed the time to 8-10pm to make sure there's enough to run it.

9 wks starting Sept.30th.

PLS REGISTER ASAP! And tell all your friends to register ASAP!

Enjoy playing volleyball.

Thank you to you all for signing the petition.
Thank you to Councillor Mike Del Grande, Carol MacDonald, and the Parks & Recreation staff for reinstating the fall program.

We all look forward to the fall season & the winter sessions.

Play ball! Enjoy! Enjoy the Game of Life! Because we all get to win!

p.s., Both Winter Sessions of 7-9 and 9-11 starting in January hopefully will be reinstated too. B/C L'Am totally got cancelled for Fall & Winter Sessions last wk.

The only volleyball program to be shut down in the Scarborough area. I checked it against the entire Fun Guide. I checked Pages 39 all the way to Page 52.

I repeat the ONLY volleyball program that got shut down in the Scarborough area!

We are so lucky that it got reinstated for the Fall session for 8-10pm. Enjoy!

Let's make sure that the Winter Sessions of 7-9 & 9-11pm gets reinstated!

( pls see Wed, Sept 29 update above regarding Winter Sessions.)

Karen Lai

UPDATE UPDATE! : as of Sept 27 Monday 8:51pm

Councillor Del Grande replied to my email this morning. In reply, I sent him a link to this Petition. So, he too will be able to be see an update how many signatures signed.

His office will be looking into this matter.

Let's keep those signatures going!!! Let's show the city how much we love playing volleyball at L'Am!!! :)

Thank you to all for signing this petition. It's awesome! Great teamwork!!

Volleyball is a great team sport! So is the Game of Life! :)

Karen L. as of Sept 27th, 11:08pm >>>> 34 signatures! WOW!


This petition is to support a reinstatement of the Recreational Volleyball Program at L'Amoreaux Community Centre in Scarborough.

For Thurs nights, 2 programs of 7-9pm and 9 to 11pm.

Program Codes of 1700609 and 1700610 starting Sept 30 for 9 wks.

We are signing this petition to support the reinstatement of the program immediately. We feel the program was cancelled prematurely only mere days after the program registration began.

There was not ample time for interested parties to sign up for this program to reach minimum enrollment.

At the time this program was cut off, there were 13 who signed up for both sessions. In a matter of days, both programs would have reached the minimum of 20 for both sessions but this was not given a chance because the City cancelled both sessions prematurely.

We feel that this is detrimental to the community for this program has been a vibrant and vital part of the city for over 15 years. To cut off a program when it was heading towards minimum and even full enrollment is unfair to the volleyball players as this program is vital to their physical and social well-being.

Thus, we are signing this petition and encouraging Councillor Mike Del Grande and the staff of Parks & Recreation to reinstate this program immediately.

Concillor Del Grande, Staff at Parks & Recreation:

Thank you. We thank you for your understanding. We thank you for your cooperation. And we invite you out to a night of volleyball at L'Amoreaux on a Thursday night and you will know what we mean, that this is a vital community building program.

It is not about the game of volleyball.

It is about the Game of Life.

Every Thursday night, we get an opportunity to play, laugh, and be with others doing something we all love - play ball. No matter what the score is, we all win. We all win the Game of Life.

It would be such a shame if something this magical be discontinued and this great Game of Life does not get a chance to continue to flourish in this great community of ours.

We need more programs like this one not less.

I know you agree. And, I know all those who signed this petition agreed.

Karen Lai