Provide IT Knowledge to all students

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Petitioning: United States Government

Petitioner: Amanda Lauren started on December 11, 2014

Provide IT Knowledge to all students

The number of people using different gadgets is continuously increasing with the passage of time. This approach has resulted in good and bad effects. If we have a look at positive or good effects of this approach then we came to know that this technology has simply brought revolution in the lives of even common people of our society. But on the other hand there are some serious threats associated with the use of such technology. Each and every piece of information that you have saved in your gadgets is not safe.

Especially when you have created some data files by using PDF or word formats, you need to use some real and reliable software. Most of the software available in market is not meeting the required standards. No one can deny the importance of PDF files in our daily lives. Our main concern is to introduce some safer and reliable environment to the consumers so that they can use technology with full freedom. This goal can be achieved if we take some necessary measures.

At very first stage we need to promote quality knowledge related to data protection. We can effectively achieve this goal by providing necessary knowledge related to IT to all of our students. There must not be any distinction between students. We have to equip all of our students with basic knowledge of IT. Through this petition we urge our state department to provide IT knowledge to each and every student of our society.
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