Prevent CUNY Tuition Increases!!!!

  134 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: City University of New York and NYS Legislature

Petitioner: Robert Ramos started on November 28, 2011

* In Fall '09, CUNY raised tuition by 14%.

* This past Spring, CUNY raised tuition by 6.2%

* This fall CUNY raised tuition by 5%

* By November 30, tuition at CUNY will increase by $300 each year through 2016.

This resulted from a decision our elected officials in Albany made earlier this year, choosing to sacrifice funding for higher education to cut taxes for millionaires.

In this period of economic hardship, an utter lack of government support has caused the steady climb in our tuition that CUNY students, many of whom belong to working-class families, can no longer pay.

Our elected officials have failed to recognize the damage they have caused, and it is our responsibility to impress upon them the fact that increasing funding for higher education is the best way to strengthen our economy and restore our country's vanishing middle class.

If you believe that affordable higher education is a fundamental right and everyone must have access to higher education, please sign this petition and encourage others to sign.