Please Let Paramount Pictures Distribute Jupiter Ascending Internationally

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Petitioning: Warner Bros. Pictures

Petitioner: Sean started on April 26, 2013

Please Let Paramount Pictures Distribute Jupiter Ascending Internationally

This petition is addressed to the following people: Barry Meyer (Chairman of Warner Bros.), Kevin Tsujihara (CEO of Warner Bros.), Bruce Berman (CEO of Village Roadshow), Brad Grey (Chairman and CEO of Paramount), Rob Moore (Vice Chairman of Paramount), Frederick D. Huntsberry (COO of Paramount), and Andy and Lana Wachowski.

In this statement, I am asking Mr. Meyer and Mr. Tsujihara of Warner Bros. to, at the very least, discuss with the people at Paramount Pictures about the possibility of letting the latter studio distribute the Wachowskis' upcoming Science Fiction film "Jupiter Ascending" worldwide, with Warners still in charge of domestic distribution.

As a faithful moviegoer, I became truly intrigued about the movie when I first read its premise, about humanity finding itself on the bottom of the evolutionary ladder and an ordinary woman who suddenly and inexplicably becomes the target of assassination by the queen of the universe.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to what Andy and Lana can come up with in this film in terms of storytelling, because they are very talented filmmakers, despite what people say to the contrary, who have a serious knack for bold decisions and strange concepts, like "The Matrix" and "Cloud Atlas". Therefore, I believe Warners should let Paramount handle international distribution of the film.

And since Warners will release Paramount's "Interstellar" internationally in the near future, Paramount doing the same with "Jupiter" would be an otherwise fair trade, in my opinion.


Sean Aldridge