Petition against PETA !

  31 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: PETA NGO

Petitioner: Petitioner started on March 6, 2009

I am against PETA and ALL it stands for. Letting show dogs out of their cage is right? Dogs are already domestic. All pets are all ready domestic. Everyone I meet that asks me about PETA I give them this link. PETA and to follow it! I would never donate nor join nor tell anyone to.

PETA is sick. Pit Bulls are amazing pets and they have bad reputation.! Ingrid got bit by one Pit Bull and now they are all bad? You say you are helping animals but your goal is to kill the domestic animals. What makes me sad is that you have a PETA Kid's? You would wreck most kid's lives my taking away pets.

You come to pet fairs and you want no pets? Not the "Fish in Tanks - No Thanks"? You can't just let them swim into the ocean! Let Future Be Bright for Animals? Does this mean in heaven? Because this is opposite of what you really are. Oh and did you know most vegatarians and vegans get sick? There is vitamins they need in meats. They are not wild animals they are farm raised. If we killed none...they would be way to many animals in the world.

I will do a petition and see how many people are against PETA and I WILL send it to you.