Pass the New York State Dream Act!

  155 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: Governor Cuomo, NYS Legislature

Petitioner: Robert Ramos started on December 3, 2011

Pass the New York State Dream Act!

We, the undersigned, support the NY Dream Act (S.4179) and urge Gov. Cuomo to issue a public statement of support for the bill immediately.

Despite an unprecedented year of action and escalation taken by undocumented youth, the United States Congress failed to pass the DREAM Act in 2010. This has left undocumented youth in NY without any form or relief. It is now up to the State of NY to provide dignity and recognition for these promising and deserving young people.

As a state with one of the largest immigrant populations, NY should be at the forefront of progressive immigration policies, pushing back on the tide of national and local anti-immigrant policies. The New York State Youth Leadership Council, the primary Dream Act and undocumented youth led organization in NY, is advocating the NY Dream Act.

The NY Dream Act will respect the dignity and contributions of undocumented youth in the state by giving them access to state financial aid programs, work authorization, driversí license and health insurance. Additionally, this bill aims to prevent the deportations of Dreamers by ensuring that the state criminal justice system does not cooperate with ICE and that the criminalization of Dreamers is ended.

Governor Cuomo has the tremendous responsibility to grant justice to undocumented youth in NY by supporting the New York Dream Act.

We, the undersigned, urge Gov. Cuomo to issue a public statement of support for the NY Dream Act immediately.