Pass Assembly Bill 1208 - the trial courts rights act

  17 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: The California State Legislature & Governor Jerry Brown

Petitioner: started on July 28, 2011

What should be obvious to most is that the Judicial Council of California and the Administrative Office of the Courts has been abusing its budgeting authority to appropriate money from the trial courts to fund statewide programs and AOC operations that don't have the support of the trial courts.

This petition demands that the legislature make direct appropriations for all court funding directly to the courts without judicial council or AOC intervention, reduction or funding for statewide programs not directly supported by a majority of all of the trial courts.

We urge that the state legislature pass and the governor sign AB1208, the Calderon Trial Courts Rights Act anc commence direct appropriations to the trial courts, the appellate courts, the supreme court and the Judicial Council and Administrative Office of the Courts directly placing the most emphasis possible on serving the public.