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Petitioning: West End Alliance - Residents and Businesses on the West side of Lexington, KY

Petitioner: Tamara Bayer started on September 28, 2013


As residents of the West End neighborhoods, we believe that the Catholic Action Center’s proposal to locate a services center and shelter for the homeless known as the Wayfinder Center at the Lorillard Lofts complex at
201 Price Road, will severely and negatively impact our quality of life and safety. Criminal statistics often show a massive increase in drug related crimes, theft, violence and a general decline in areas where many of these facilities have opened.

This currently proposed plan at Lorillard Lofts could be detrimental to our community in terms of growth and sustainability. New development and infrastructure could be dissuaded from coming to an area where crime has increased substantially. We have enjoyed positive growth with the Manchester St./Distillery District Redevelopment, Townley Center project and revitalization of the Meadowthorpe shopping center in recent years and would like to continue in that direction with the Town Branch projects and beyond. Property values could be greatly affected as well as the protection and safety of children attending Meadowthorpe Elementary School, Providence Montessori School,and Leestown Middle School.

It should be noted that we are not against serving the homeless as within a 1 ¼
mile radius from this site, we serve the homeless on the West End with the Hope Center, Women’s Hope Center and the Salvation Army.

For the protection of the health, safety, quality of life in the neighborhoods in the West End, we the undersigned, oppose locating Wayfinder Center at 201 Price Road. The Planning and Zoning Commission, LFUCG, or any other decision making entity must not approve this type of facility in our community.