New Issaquah Skatepark

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Petitioning: everyone

Petitioner: Zach started on August 2, 2010

I think that it is logical that the city builds a new skatepark. The city is thinking about demolish the skatepark and if issaquah doesn't have a skatepark there would be conflict. Since kids wouldn't have a place to skate they would skate places where they are not allowed to. I don't want skating to become a crime in issaquah.

Another reason we should demolish and move the skatepark somewhere els is because of the bad influences. Down the trail next to the skatepark there are kids who do drugs all the time. They will come to the skatepark and litter their cigarettes on the ground. They also offer them to younger kids at the skatepark and they are becoming smokers too.

A reasonable place to put the skatepark is behind the police station. There would be a dramatic decrease in drugs at the park since it would be next to the police station. Also kids would be away from the smokers that offer them drugs which would lead to a decrease in smokers too.

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