Morten Harket song

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Petitioning: A UK release of a bonus track on from the Morten Harket album Out of My Hands

Petitioner: ANGIE J HOWARD started on April 15, 2012

Morten Harket song

Former A~ha front man, Morten Harket is back on tour in the UK with his new album "Out of my Hands" which is due to be realeased in the UK shortly, but released only on the German format, is a bonus track called "Undecided"

We believe that this should be released for the fans outside of Europe and into the UK because there is a huge A~ha/Morten Harket fan following who feel that they have already missed out on the single release of a song called "Lightning" again from the album.

The goal is to reach as many signitures as possible to make the record company Universal Music notice that this song has excellent potential as a chart single release within the UK.