Allow 2-way Memorial Drive

  9 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: Residents of Wolf Rd., Bassy St., and Memorial Dr.

Petitioner: Valerie Pfister started on March 3, 2009

To cut down the expenses on fuel and valuable time, I think the Lebanon Public Safety Committee should allow the 2-way traffic on Memorial Drive.


I am living on Wolf Road and it is very inefficient to drive around the area or travel to other places. The residents in Wolf Road have to travel down to Wolf Road and turn to Old Etna Road, then Heater Road. After about 0.7 miles, spending some time and passing by the entrace to Memorial Drive enroute to the destination.

It is complete a waste of time for those who are living on the hill. We have to drive down and up again.

We the residents here strongly believe that the infrastructure can be done better. Even if when we go to work, we have to spend some valuable time on the road!