Stop Melamine In baby Foods!

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Petitioning: U.S. Congress

Petitioner: Shannon Weiss started on March 17, 2009

Stop Melamine In baby Foods!

The previous case of contaminated pets food which contained Melamine killed thousands of dogs and cats in the U.S. Now, in China, the contaminated MILK which contained Melamine has killed 60 babis and thousands of them are at risk!

Sadly, from the investigation, the cookies and baby food are found contained the trace of dangerous Melamine that is harmful to the kidneys if often eaten!

Our FAD administration, however, said it is safe to use to use chemical substances in baby food but couldn't determine a safe level for melamine use.

We have to express our anger to the Congress, about FDA's regulations of our food. We do not want our infants to develope stoney-kidneys because of melamine-contained foods!