Keep child rapist behind bars

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Petitioning: Everyone who wants to protect our children

Petitioner: Jess started on October 19, 2011

Rick Marshall is a man that raped his daughter at the age of 3, and continued until she reached the age of 5. He is up for parol in November of 2011. He has been in prison for 21 years. The state of Ohio thinks he has served enough time for his crime, however they never look to the victim. His daughter still suffers from the mental and emotion pain he inflicted on her. She has never been fully able to move on from that time in her life. Now she has two beautiful children, one being a daughter of her own, that this mans family has tried to see many times, while blaming their mother for him being in jail. She not only fears his anger towards her now, but also the safety of her children. Help this young mother protect herself, her children and all other children he may come in contact with after being released. Help us keep this man in jail, where he belongs for taking the innocence, the right to a childhood, a life without the mental and emotion pain everyday of her life, from his daughter. Please stand strong with us now, and protect your children from this man walking our streets and having access to our children....