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Petitioning: People concerned with Justice and Equality for All

Petitioner: Gwill started on May 7, 2009


Dear America,
President, Barack Obama,
Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn,
Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley,

I need an "EMERGENCY BAILOUT," because Jesse White's Office of the Secretary of State (SOS) of Illinois has caused me to lose 30 months (and counting ) of earnings from my $50,000 a year job as a Local 726 Motor Truck Driver, for the City of Chicago, when they bogusly revoked my driver's license in November of 2006.

From day one I swore I had done nothing wrong and that a mistake had been made but I didn't make it and I didn't know who did. I was ignored and there was absolutely zero evidence that I had done anything wrong. The SOS agreed that the decision to revoke my driver's license would cause "UNDUE HARDSHIP" for me and my minor children, but the secretary decided to:
1. Revoke my driver's license.
2. Take away my CDL
3. Combine an erroneous driving record with my official driving record, thus confusing the situation, which made it nearly impossible for me to be heard or believed when trying to explain this situation.

I disagreed with the justness of the decision so I took the SOS to the Cook County Circuit Court, in the case Gerald Williams vs. Jesse White #08CH15028. For 30 months and counting, I fought with only the power of prayer and the persistence of truth and on February 20, 2009 the court agreed with me. I was vindicated, praise God! I won against the Office of the Secretary of State.

The court ordered the SOS to reverse its decision, to remove the revocations and restore my CDL. Now I can get back to work. I am very thankful for the court's just decision. And I hope that actions are taken so that this doesn't happen to any one else.

I have not been refunded any of the monies that I paid to the SOS in reinstatement fees, fines, penalties and application fees for the unwarranted revocations of 2006. I believe at a bare minimum that I should first be immediately compensated by this office, for the time I lost at work, because this is the only reason my work detail ended in November of 2006. It wasn't me, the economy, terrorist nor any natural disaster; it was this office that caused my depression/recession and has not and will never offer any help to me, at all. For these reasons, I need your help in restoring a law abiding, taxpaying citizen who was mentally and financially scarred by this state's office actions.

Thank You, for your time,
Gerald Williams

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(Prior to this incident, I was a driver since 1987 and a professional driver since 1994 w/no DUIs, no speeding tickets, and no moving violations, but none of this was considered during the 2006 revocation)

"We, the undersigned, call on Jesse White's Office of the Secretary of State of Illinois to be held accountable and pay for the damages caused to Gerald Williams from November of 2006 to Present."

"In November of 2006, the Illinios Office of the Secretary of State falsely accused Gerald Williams of using a false date of birth to obtain a second driver's license."

"It was later discovered that the second driver's license was actually created twenty years ago, by the Illinois Office of the Secretary of State's use of errant information that was transmitted to them (not by Gerald) twenty years ago."

"No real investigation was conducted in 2006, 2007, nor 2008 and Gerald Williams was simply considered guilty, until he was proved innocent in a court of law, on February 20, 2009."