Illegal Immigrants Should Not Get Social Welfare From The France Government

  19 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: France Government

Petitioner: Jayne L Boot started on March 15, 2009

We, the undersigned would like to call for a petition against the illegal immigrants in France who are demanding for more social welfares which they already have in France.

The France Government is so kind to keep all of the illegal immigrants and grant them access to France to live and breed, and now the illegal immigrants are asking for more welfares which the local citizens think it is over-limit!

These illegal immigrants should NOT be provided with the social welfare as they are not working and not contributing anything for the country at all.

In what ground they stand to ask for more Chinese schools and protest for better welfare on the street when they are just illegal immigrants!

If every illegal immigrant can enjoy the same welfares as we do, the France economy will collapse one day and all of the French will move out for better living because too many illegal immigrants are coming in every year.

This issue must be addressed to the Government as soon as possible to protect our own welfare system.