Honorary Stamp for Vang Pao

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Petitioning: United States Citizens (Anyone who knows about the Hmong history/present)

Petitioner: Free The Voice started on January 3, 2012

Dear: Postmaster General Pat Donahue and Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee

I________________________would like to support a petition for U.S. Postal Service commemorative stamp honoring General Vang Pao, a freedom fighter, naturalized U.S. Citizen, and the man who led the Hmong and Lao people to America.

On January 4, 1961, Captain James W. (Bill) Lair a World War II veterans, who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency came to meet Lieutenant-Colonel Vang Pao at the Tha Vieng airfield, South of Xieng Khouang Town, Laos. General Vang Pao agreed to work for Bill Lair and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to defend the spread of communism. When it was in operation during 1961 to 1975, General Vang Po bravely led his troops to achieve three goals, which were to 1) stop the flow of the North Vietnamese troops and supplies through the Ho Chi Minh Trail into Laos on their way to attack the American and pro-democracy Vietnamese troops in South Vietnam, 2) rescue any American pilot that got shot down along the Lao-Vietnam border, and 3) protect the US Air Force Navigation Radar in Phou Pha Thi that guided the B-52s and the jets to bomb military targets in North Vietnam. He lost thousands of his Hmong and Lao soldiers to save thousands of American Soldiers and hundreds of American pilots. General Vang Pao was America's best ally and he was America's most reliable and trusted military commander during the conflict of Vietnam War.

With these precedents in mind, I am asking the Postal Service to issue a stamp in honor of a man who was both Asian in origin and a Hmong American leader, although he came from an ethnic group and from a part of Asia that has never been recognized with a U.S. stamp before.

I agree to fully support this commemorative stamp honoring General Vang Pao.

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