Go back Algeria

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Petitioning: Ithar Ahmed el badwy

Petitioner: Ithar badwy started on November 22, 2009

Go back Algeria

Dear FIFA,

It has been a terrible shock for me to see & hear what happened to some of my friends & all the Egyptian spectators who attended the match between Egypt & Algeria in Sudan. This viscous behavior of Algerian spectators (verbal & physical- during, before & after- inside & outside the stadium) is absolutely unacceptable. the fear that Egyptians faced for their loved ones in Sudan, who faced death for hours, until they arrived home safely should be taken into consideration. I personally have the least interest in many sports including football, but I have all interests in the principles and values that should guide our behavior and attitude towards each others and our responsibility towards the sports we love. Therefore, I demand, as an Egyptian Citizen, RESPONSIBLE & FAIR ACT from your distinguished organization to put an end to this hostile attitude of Algerian spectators. I believe that if you don't take a firm action against this attitude, it will be considered as a blessing for this kind of behavior from football spectators of any other country in the future. I demand that FIFA DISQUALIFIES ALGERIA FROM THE WORLD CUP 2010, or at least to prevent the algerian spectators from attending their team's matches in South Africa 2010. May God protect South Africa from this uncivilized spectators. I trust in your reasonable decisions & hope that you gain the trust of all Egyptians. Thank you. Best Regards.

Arch. Perihan Mourad