Ghost Hunters

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Petitioning: Ghost Hunters Fans

Petitioner: Emma Fee started on March 15, 2009

Yes everyone has their own beliefs. Everyone can believe in what they want but my belief is a strong feeling and the ghost hunters what they do is awsome. Alot of people dont believe in it because they are scared to know the truth. They are scared to know that ghost really do exsist.(I Know) Ive seen one. So why is everyone so afraid of it? I mean ghost are not here to hurt us their here because they have not fully crossed over yet. They need are help and ive seen a petition on here saying stop ghost hunters. I say keep it going. Their only trying to help the dead. Not lie to people. That could be someone that we really love that has not crossed over yet and needs our help. So for those whom want to help the dead sign my petition.