For PhD students from Ethiopia all over the world

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Petitioning: For PhD students from Ethiopia all over the world

Petitioner: Danny started on October 13, 2011

I am Daniel from Giessen, Germany doing PhD at Giessen University. I want you to sign this petition so that we can appeal to the government of Ethiopia to lift the sanction and permit us to import used car for private use duty free. Although, this is the immediate triggering factor the petition is aimed to more important goals, namely to reinvigorate the student union here in Europe and widen its scope later on. We are aimed at encouraging PhD students to go home and contribute the nation's effort of achieving accelerated development.

It has come to me as a surprise that that there are so many students here in Europe and elsewhere worldwide, and we can use forums like this one to get together on common goals.

If you want to be part of the petition please put your name having in mind that an other form at a later time shall come to you to be part of the union.