Former Egyptian Prime Minister to regain candidacy

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Petitioning: Former Egyptian Prime Minister to regain candidac

Petitioner: WendyGreen started on April 25, 2012

Former Egyptian Prime Minister to regain candidacy

The Egyptian Supreme beats by dre it presidential election committee ruling the evening of 25 re-establishes the former Prime Minister Shafiq can continue to participate in the presidential election to start next month.

According to the official Middle East News Agency reported that, after listening to the complaints of the Shafiq candidacy, the highest presidential election commission Shafiq is entitled to participate in the presidential election, the decision approved by the Supreme Council of the armed forces of the exercise of political rights Act amendment by the Supreme Court of the audit, to determine whether the bill unconstitutional.

This amendment by the People's Assembly (lower house of parliament) on the 12th of this month by the provisions of the Mubarak regime in the last 10 years, served as president and vice president, prime minister and former national Democratic Party senior person will be dr dre cuffie prohibited in the next 10 years, the exercise of political rights, including voting or election of parliamentary or presidential elections.

Shafiq served as the former regime Prime Minister, the highest presidential election commission on the 24th deprived of Shafiq's candidacy. The Shafiq subsequently announced that it will file a complaint, and that "the exercise of political rights law amendments do not have the legitimacy, in violation of the constitution.

Registration of candidates for the presidential election in Egypt on the 8th of this month end, total of 23 people to submit their applications. The highest presidential election on the 17th, the Commission ruled that the ban on the Salafi faction Ismail, the Muslim Brotherhood (Muslim brothers), formercuffie monster Deputy Chairman of Chartres, former Vice President Suleiman, 10 candidates for the presidential campaign. Currently eligible to run for president a candidate for the 13, including the Mu brother under the Freedom and Justice Party, the main Ximuerxi, the former high-ranking Muslim brother Abu Futu He Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa and so on.

The Election Committee will be announced April 26 the final list of candidates, the presidential election scheduled to be held on May 23 and 24.

February 2011 for anti-government protests after the resignation of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the Supreme Council of the armed forces to take over state power to dissolve parliament and suspended the constitution. Islamic political parties in the primaries this year, the Houses of Parliament out of the Chinese cuffie beats Communists won more than 70 percent of the seats.