Expression of Support for Jyothi Goud; Primary Teacher, CWS Class of 2014

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Petitioning: CWS

Petitioner: Randy Marmer started on May 5, 2011

Naturally, there are times when any parent will experience some doubt or specific concern about their child's education or the way a teacher handled a particular situation. This holds true for the parents of Jyothi Goud's students, just as it would in any other class.

This letter is to express our support for Ms. Goud as our children’s primary teacher at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. The undersigned declare the following to represent our position on her performance and suitability as a CWS teacher and professional:

We believe in the value of a Waldorf education and all that it implies; and that Jyothi Goud's approach to teaching embodies the Waldorf philosophy.
We are pleased with the overall level of academic excellence toward which our children are being nurtured. This includes an understanding that this excellence cannot be meaningfully measured against “traditional” public school accomplishments. Based upon progress to date, we continue to believe the completion of the entire eight year cycle will result in nothing shy of excellence.
We highly value Ms. Goud's own capacity for artistic expression and critical thinking, and her considerable efforts to foster these skills in our children. We remain confident that her demanding yet nurturing approach toward the children continues to achieve the right balance, effectively educating the whole child – head, heart, hands, and soul.
We recognize that no two children have the exact same needs at any one point in time and we welcome the attention and age/developmentally-appropriate handling our children receive under Jyothi's care. We believe that her teaching style is flexible, yet appropriately demanding of each child.
Some of us have differed with Ms. Goud on occasion. However, she enthusiastically encourages our involvement and has been consistently available to work with us to resolve such issues as they arise. We feel that this exemplifies the very kind of collaborative capacity to which we want our children to aspire.
Most importantly, we support Jyothi Goud, and publicly and proudly consider her to be a valuable and valued part of our Waldorf family.

In conclusion, we wish to assert our respect & affection for Jyothi Goud, her professional capabilities, the value we place on her teaching expertise, and our admiration for her qualities as a guide for our children as they grow into the fullness of their potential.

Parents of the Class of 2014