End funding for the California Case Management System

  16 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: The Judicial Council of California & California State Legislators

Petitioner: started on July 28, 2011

The California Case Management System or CCMS is a six hundred million dollar boondoggle with no end in sight to the public money being spent on it. The AOC continues to mislead the judiciary, the public and legislators about the delivery of a functional application, the viability of the application, the application architecture and costs.

With this petition, we demand that both the Judicial Council and the state legislature end funding for CCMS and limit the total financial support for the application and associated architecture to what the AOC paid SAIC last year for hosting all versions of the application. If the AOC wishes to continue to fund CCMS, it shall do so only with the savings it derives out of restructuring the program. All monies for CCMS shall come out of the AOC's budget or direct legislative appropriation and no longer come out of trial court budgets.

Furthermore, this petition insists that any and all versions of CCMS be hosted in the local courts and not at the California Courts Technology Center. It demands that the AOC turn over the V4 application with access to all source code and passwords to the trial courts forthwith and that the AOC discontinue its centralized approach to hosting this application by the end of 2011.