Educate About Online Background Company

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Petitioning: To CEO, Human Resource Team of Private Firm

Petitioner: Leonora White started on July 24, 2018

Task: Educate about trustworthy online background company

Issue: mock companies claiming of accuracy only to give erroneous report.

Nowadays, doing someone's background is not difficult. Thanks to the recent internet technology. Using efficient search engine tools, one can check background of the desired person to discover if the person has any criminal record. You use these tools to retrieve more details like their marital status, their divorce report, address report and employment reports.

Online background is a great way to arm oneself from danger and avoid it from happening to you, your family and your business. Conducting an online background check is the most popular and most convenient way of doing your search. It is fast and simple; all you need to conduct the search is a name and other basic information like phone number or address, internet connectivity and a computer. May it be an expert or a beginner, you just have to type in the basic information and get all kinds of reports public and official reports of the targeted person instantly.

In the online market, there are tons of websites who claim to provide accurate information. It is important to choose a reputed company that can offer you the service and report you are looking for. Unfortunately, miscreants take advantage of people when it comes to offering quality service. There is high possibility of fraud companies who claim to offer accurate information but provide you with old or erroneous reports. This may misguide you and you may lose a genuine person or deal.

So, its highly important to identify a trustworthy background screening company so that you are not misguided with erroneous reports.


Here's what you need to look for to find a trustworthy online background check company. First make sure they have a physical address and active customer service number. And they should follow strict privacy policy. You can also check and understand the reviews of the company from experts and bloggers. HandyOrten-24 is highly recommended for their most comprehensive and accurate reports.

One can use their service for free. Users are not compelled to pay any fee. Users can make as many searches as they want. The website was started only to help people during stressful situations only to find out the background of the person they are looking for and take decisions with peace of mind. User information and user search information is always kept confidential and never compromised. To our amaze, we saw that the search data was deleted automatically after 5 hours of search.

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