Support Eco-friendly Menstruation Products

  20 (Goal: 100)

Petitioning: Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.

Petitioner: Tereza Krbcova started on February 14, 2009

We the women buy and use pads and tampons without knowing the materials used. Actually, the materials being used are quite dangerous to health and the environment. We should use eco-friendly tampons that will not damage our health and environment. Allow me to explain:

1) Dioxin is used in producing pads and tampons. It is also carcinogen and byproduct used in pesticide and bleaching purposes. Once used, it will be stored in our fat cells for a life time.

2) Pesticides cotton is used during the process.

3) Causes irritation due to chlorine bleaching, rayon, binders, plastics, surfactants, resins and fragrances in the products.

4) Plastic is used and it is very hard to decompose in 100 years.

We suggest to use eco-friendly product from Natacare, it is 100% natural and Chlorine free.

Please sign on my petition and let's make an effort to get Natracare products put on the shelves at most supermarkets and pharmacy.