Dismantle the Office of Court Construction & Management and move to DGS

  14 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: California State Legislature & Governor Jerry Brown

Petitioner: started on July 28, 2011

California appears to be one of the only states in the United States where the judiciary itself has got itself in the construction business. This court construction is being utilized as a political tool by the Judicial Council.

We as citizens question the misplaced priorities of the Judicial Council of building new courthouses that courts can't afford to staff. We question building new local courthouses that local communities don't want while laying off court workers statewide, causing courts and courtrooms to close and resulting in the dismantling of the civil justice system here in California. All this, just so that the Judicial Council can send a message to Sacramento about trial court funding.

These misplaced priorities demand legislative intervention. We ask that the legislature do these things:

1. Starting in January 2012, divert all new construction funding not encumbered to actual design or construction to trial court operations for two and a half fiscal years.

2. Transfer all encumbered projects and their project managers that were assigned to those projects as of July 1 2011 over to the California Department of General Services no later than March 30, 2012.

3. Transfer all existing buildings. title and responsibility for them to the California Department of General Services.

4. Dismantle the Administrative Office of the Courts Office of Court Construction and management and encourage these individuals to re-apply to the Department of General Services.

5. Dismantle all associated SB1407 funded and SB1732 funded positions throughout the AOC outside of the Office of Court Construction & Management. (estimated 200 positions)