Democratize the Judicial Council

  13 (Goal: 5,000)

Petitioning: California State Legislature & Governor Jerry Brown

Petitioner: started on July 28, 2011

Currently all voting members of the California Judicial Council are appointed by California's Chief Justice, except that the state bar appoints four attorneys and the chairs of the legislative committees tend to be members that don't show up to council meetings.

This petition asks the state legislature to democratize the Judicial Council by modifying the California Constitution no later than the end of 2012.

The composition of the new Judicial Council should be as follows:

21 members that include:
California's Chief Justice

Two Justices elected by their peers from the courts of appeal or the California Supreme Court

Four Attorneys peer elected from all members in good standing of the California State Bar

One elected representative (or that elected representatives aide or appointee) from the California State Assembly and one from the California State Senate. (Note: Not the judiciary committee chairs unless they are elected by the assembly or senate)

Twelve peer elected trial court judges

Each official elected to the Judicial Council shall serve for four years. Each official, except the chief justice elected to the Judicial Council shall serve for only one consecutive term. Half of the judicial council, except the Chief Justice and the members of the legislature shall be re-elected every two years.