Congress Resign Please!!

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Petitioning: Congress

Petitioner: Congress Resign Please started on April 12, 2013

Congress Resign Please!!

Members of the United States Congress,

Congress is the only Institution empowered to protect and provide for the American People, and is the heart and soul of our Democracy, and yet with all the power we have vested in you, it has become dramatically apparent that you are unable or unwilling to act as rational, responsible Representatives.

• Regardless of any consequences, you have adopted and embraced an exceeding costly national policy of international conflict, while our public school system, lacking the money needed to modernize, fails.

• With the majority of us struggling day-to-day, you have failed to raise the minimum wage to anything near a living wage.

• You have allowed the Oil and Gas industry to pollute our air and water with the generous exemptions you’ve given them from the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act, all the while subsidizing their industry with our tax dollars and allowing for the sheltering of their substantial profits offshore.

• You have allowed the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Agricultural industries to pollute our food system with thousands of toxins, chemicals and compounds, regardless of the health consequences to us, our children, or society as a whole.

• You have engaged in, and benefitted from, the overtly partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts to control the vote, and have aggressively and collectively curtailed the voice of any and all viable third parties and of all dissenting ideas.

• You have failed to take the vast wealth inequality within our Nation seriously, and have yet to produce any legislation that would create good jobs and sustainable economic opportunities for those who need it he most.

• You have failed to hold anyone, including any institution and or organization associated with the catastrophic financial collapse of 2008, accountable for their actions.

With the overt and near total corporate control of our Nation’s most revered Federal Intuitions, and the blatant assaults on Our Constitutional Rights, we feel as though our votes no longer count, and our voices are no longer heard.

Taking these and many other obvious indications of your dereliction of duty into consideration, We the People do herby demand your resignation so honest, competent and responsible representatives, whom which will be held to a higher standard, can take your place.

Thank you,

The undersigned.