Campaign to bring back Torchwood

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Petitioner: Petition for Torchwood started on March 24, 2014

Campaign to bring back Torchwood

Torchies Unite! Our beloved show needs to be resurrected and it may not happen without the voice of its fans. Con after Con fans ask when Captain Jack and the team will be back, and it's high time the question be answered. We still have the Doctor, but we need our Captain. The universe is not the same without him.
It is particularly necessary to have ground-breaking programs like Torchwood in today's political climate. With human rights being fought over, and the millions who are persecuted because of personal choice, the relief and support and integrity that Torchwood brings is necessary.

Captain Jack gave validity to the fact that it is ok to be gay and be a real man. A flawed, macho, kick-ass, save-the-world hero. He also exemplified that you can combine those attributes with love and vulnerability and not become a stereotype. This is SO important for generating empowerment for those who relate and understanding in those who can’t. It is criminal that this character has been taken from the people who need him.

We beseech BBC and Russell T Davies to reopen the Torchwood Institute! Please, sign, sign, sign!

Also, there is a email: that I am asking you to send letters/notes/support/pictures/thoughts to. Write how Torchwood affected your life, saved it, changed it. Write your love and support. Include your contact info (name & email). Send me any research you have to support our cause. I will turn it into the Campaign to Bring Back Torchwood (My degree is in the communications/PR field, so I’m qualified).

The campaign will consist of facebook, twitter, petition and email support. I will write a research report and I will publish it for internet consumption. I will also make sure it falls into the hands of those who hold the power to fix this travesty.