Build A Bike Park On South Whidbey!

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Petitioning: Hello Friends, I need your help.

Petitioner: B.J. Hezel started on December 8, 2011

This petition is to show, Whidbey Parks and Recreation, community support to build a bike park in the 120 acres of the Trust Land Trails on Craw rd. Our goal is to build a ‘bike only’ park with features that any and all levels of riders will enjoy, with the potential to hold bike camps and race competitions.
1) Flowy Cross Country trails throughout, that can be connected into a single 5-6 mile loop around the property outskirts.
2) 1-2 miles of flowy and technical freeride trails (includes jumps and ladders)
3) Different degrees of progressive jump lines / flow lines and pump tracks
4) Tons of practice and skill-building features
5) A central picnic/meeting ground area
There is an existing bike park in Issaquah called Duthie Hill that we would like to model after. Duthie Hill has riders from the ages of 2 and above frequenting the park, so much in fact, that their parking lot is insufficient. A bike park on Whidbey Island will give the local population an opportunity to ride on trails made specifically for them, without the worry of horses, hikers, or cars. The park will also draw people from all around, increasing the revenue of our local stores and businesses. The funding for the park will be given from local charities and volunteer work, not taxes.
This bike park would be a wonderful addition to the beauty of our Island and greatly decrease the issue of bikes vs. horses in our existing trail systems. Please sign this petition and show your support.
Thank you.