Give Britney A Break

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Petitioning: People who read alot of gossip magazines

Petitioner: Charles Fuller started on February 24, 2009

Give Britney A Break

I didn't like Britney, not to say that I love her now. But it's such a sympathy that these people gossiping about her sexy self, her love life and even personal life. Paparazzi chasing her around on the road, I think she really has enough of this. She has been living in a difficult life, she divorced, lost her child custody and is suffering from the mental imbalance. When her life is almost back on track, some stupid guys get close to her and ruin her life again and again.

Please give Britney a break. She needs to rest and stop gossiping about her life at all. She is a very talented songstress, let her do her own stuff and be happy again!