Bring Back Gadreel

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Petitioning: The Supernatural Writers

Petitioner: Kiterious started on May 22, 2014

Bring Back Gadreel

God (?) has brought Castiel back three times now. Gadreel died with God's words in his heart and on his tongue, if anyone deserves to be brought back it's him.

Gadreel's story was about fighting, no matter how bad things got, and about how matter how badly you messed up you DO deserve forgiveness. It's about holding on through the hard times and living for the little things. It's about finding "the one thing you want most and never letting it go."

But Gadreel let go.

He never got to see his redemption. He never got to hear that he was forgiven. When Castiel did tell him he was redeemed, he didn't believe him. He died thinking he wasn't good enough. He had been used as a tool by so many people in his life he didn't see himself and any more than that. Just a tool to use to open a door for Castiel. He panicked and made an irrational decision. He gave up on all the things he truly wanted and died thinking of himself as "self absorbed" despite the fact that he obviously cared for Abner and humanity.

The worst part? Gadreel has repeatedly displayed signs of anxiety, PTSD, and has even been shown to become suicidal under certain situations (imprisonment). He died under one of these situations, in the middle of a PTSD induced panic attack.

Gadreel is inspirational and we all admire his bravery. Especially those of us who have any of these issues or similar. He deserves better than this. He deserves a life he can at least look back at and think wasn't a complete waste. He deserves to be more than a plot device. And his fans deserve to be told that suicide is NOT the answer, a message I know several fans received from his death.